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Secured back-ups and sharing between notebooks, tablets and smartphones
with SET ICT Mobile Services.

What is Mobile Device Management?

SET ICT Mobile Services is a unique, unified enterprise endpoint-solution that combines sharing files, the back-up and cooperation. You control the use of mobile devices within your company in order to protect these devices against unforeseen events. Flexible and scalable.

SET ICT Mobile Services is easy to implement, it improves productivity and is easy to use for both users and administrators.

User advantages

  • Automatic back-ups of all devices, operating systems and hardware.

  • User-friendly mobile apps offer real “anytime/anywhere” access to all data.

  • Work together from every device all over the world with file-sharing and storage.

Administrator advantages

  • First-class encryption for notebooks and mobile devices.

  • Work transparently to end-users.

  • Remotely remove data from a device, in case of loss or theft.

52% of all stolen mobile devices is stolen during working hours.

(source: Kensington)

52% of all employees use their private phone for business purposes.

(source: Microsoft)

150.000 mobile phones are stolen in the Netherlands each year.

Clients of SET ICT services

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