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Your organization depends on a safe and smoothly functioning network.
Therefore good network management is a must.

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What is network management?

The network is one of the critical components of your organization. This applies to both On premise and Cloud solutions. A malfunction or burglary can cause your company to shut down. This has to be prevented at all times. Network management is always three steps ahead. To keep your network running safe it’s important to monitor the routers, switches, firewalls and servers. There are a lot of companies who can take care of your ICT, but SET ICT Services distinguishes itself from the rest by offering one overall solution. Taking care of everything.

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What overall solution does SET ICT Services offer?

Next to network management and service management through a Cloud or On premise solution, we also offer hardware, software, VoIP systems and mobile device management. In short: everything you need in order to do business nowadays. SET ICT Services offers a one-stop shop for all your needs.

How do we operate?

We make an inventory of your existing ICT-network, you receive a blue print of your current network accompanied by an advice report. All our services are combined in one monthly fee. Our prices are as transparent as we are, so no unpleasant surprises afterwards.

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Want to know more?

Interested in the possibilities of Workstation Management for your company? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.

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