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You have to be able to trust your ICT service provider and your employees have to be able to focus on what’s important.

What is Disaster Recovery?

You expect 100% continuity from your service provider. And your employees have to focus on what’s really important. Moreover you want to be sure that your systems are always available and important data does not get lost. Every minute downtime will cost you money. Therefore we have developed SET Disaster Recovery.


Continues backups of all your data and files.

Super fast

Super fast recovery of files and e-mails.


365 days per year pre-installed hardware available.

Back in 5 minutes

Local Disaster Recovery server with Push to Failover function. Up-and-running again within 5 minutes.

Help in case of trouble

With a large accident the work continues thru a identical off-site DR server.

Support on the fly

24/7 monitoring and support by the SET support team.


365 days per year availability thru an alternative back up location with all facilities needed.

A modern vision on business continuity should be part of the ICT policy of every company. But in practice a lot of businesses still rely on their old back-up routines. These routines were established to recover data in case of a problem, but don’t guarantee business continuity.

Therefore we have developed a service, which ensures that the uptime of company processes after calamities is fully up and running within 5 minutes. SET Disaster Recovery guarantees that your systems continue to run and data will never get lost unintentionally.

If desired we can realize this on an external location fully set up according to the desired standards.

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Not all your data and systems are equally important. Therefore you can differentiate the degree to which you want to ensure the availability.

SET Disaster Recovery offers several levels of continuity. A tailor-made solution guarantees that your most important data and systems are always 100% available.

Safe, reliable and flexible. It works within every Windows- and Linux environment.

A team of specialists from SET ICT Services is at your service 24/7. They monitor the validity of the backups.

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