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SET ICT Services takes consultancy to the next level.
Not just by giving solid advice, but we also help with the implementation and execution.

IT consultancy by SET ICT services


A company is often so dependent on its IT infrastructure that it’s important to develop a separate strategy. SET ICT Services helps you to develop the right strategy, in line with your company strategy. Starting point is that your IT processes support your primary company processes in the best way possible.

Your IT strategy consist of different components:

  • Translating your wishes and existing processes to IT solutions.
  • Designing the needed IT infrastructure.
  • Integrating the existing, complex networks (possibly in the cloud).
  • Determining the way of implementation.
  • Project support within agreed planning, budget and quality standards.
  • Defining a roadmap for a realistic future.

System integration

Your business operations often consist of different subsystems. It is important that these subsystems work well together. With system integration SET ICT Services makes sure that these subsystems truly work together as one system. System integration is not just important when it comes to introducing a new system in an existing organization, but also as part of the regular maintenance.

IT Outsourcing

During the development of a solid IT strategy, it might be more safe, efficient or cost-effective to outsource (parts) of your IT infrastructure (IT outsourcing).
By outsourcing your IT management to SET ICT Services you reduce the chance of malfunctions in your company network. Moreover you can count on experts who are aware of your situation in case any problems.

Clients of SET ICT services

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