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Triple security with BaaS from SET ICT Services.
And operational in no time after a problem.

What is BaaS?

BaaS stands for Backup As A Service. SET ICT Services takes care of a solid backup strategy in the cloud, which ensures that no data gets lost in case of a problem.

BaaS storage

We offer our Backup as a Service services for both collocation as cloud servers. The platform consists of a HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 server with 12 backup disks of 3 terabyte.

Your backup is stored in two different locations: our datacenter at de Paul van Vlissingenstraat and the Equinix AMS 3 datacenter at the Sciencepark in Amsterdam.

Dubbele backup

Weer snel operationeel

You pay a fixed fee per month, including license costs for specific backup software. As a result we can make a direct copy of your entire server, instead of just the data (like a traditional backup service). In case of a problem we can directly restore the complete backup on similar hardware, which allows you to be fully operational again within just one day.

Clients of SET ICT services

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