1998 | the beginning

1998 | Home build

Michiel sells hardware to companies from a tiny office in the Rivierenbuurt in Amsterdam. Together with this wife Barbara he assembles the computers himself.

August 1999 | Business Marriage

Next to hardware, the demand for technical support is growing. Michiel is an expert on sales, but not on technique. Therefore he joins forces with technical partner Thijs Bouvy. The beginning of a beautiful business marriage.

Oktober 1999 | First employee

Thijs’ technical knowhow turns out to be a great addition to Michiels commercial talent. SET ICT is growing and in October 1999 Michiel and Thijs hire their first employee.

1 January 2000 | Moving

The office located in the Rivierenbuurt is becoming too small, time for the next step: SET ICT moves to the Johan Siegerstraat 18 in Amsterdam.

2002 | Fire truck

In the beginning of 2000 remote support is still far from reality. The technical employees of SET ICT regularly have to get on the road to put out fires. Is your computer not working? SET ICT is on its way. Printer broke? SET ICT is already in the car, jokingly referred to by colleagues as ‘the fire truck’.
Growth and technical development

2003 | Wireless revolution

Wireless internet has arrived. SET ICT responds to the wireless revolution by establishing SET Wireleless under the leadership of Bob Kok. It turns out to be a smart move. Within a year SET Wireless employs 17 people for customers like Van der Valk and KPN Hotspots.

2004 | To the neighbours

SET ICT is bursting at the seams and after four years also the office at the Johan Siegerstraat 18 is too small. An opportunity occurs when a bigger office in the same street becomes available. SET ICT moves to the current address: Johan Siegerstraat 20. The company now employs 10 people.
Start SET Telecom

1 july 2005 | One-stop-shopping

Customers are looking for a service provider who can answer all their ICT questions. In line with the focus on service, SET ICT Services expands her portfolio with telecom services. With the establishment of SET Telecom, SET ICT Services offers customers the complete package.

2007 | Everybody draadloos

Everybody in the Netherlands is wireless and the demand for hotspots declines. The company decides to merge SET Wireless with SET Telecom.

2008 | Virtualisation

A revolution in the ICT world: virtualization. Thanks to this technique it is possible to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single server. SET ICT Services embraces the revolutionary technique and helps customer to reduce expenses while boosting efficiency.

2010 | Financial structure

SET ICT Services keeps on growing and more financial structure is no mere luxury. Michiel and Thijs can use some help in this department and bring a third partner on board. Feico van der Meij strengthens the team with his financial knowledge and experience.

2012 | In the cloud

Cloud Computing is growing in popularity and the ICT landscape is changing again. SET ICT Services builds her own Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform.

2013 | Goodbye

After 15 years Thijs says farewell to SET ICT Services. He decides to take his chances in the East-European market. The end of a business marriage, but not of a special friendship.